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New bird on the block — Chapter 2

January 18, 2011

The bird is back!

The bird surveys his domain

Ghedi, our neighborhood Guinea fowl, so far has survived three snowstorms this winter — including a post-Christmas blizzard — and seems to be doing just fine. We’re not sure where he holed up during the storms but, much to our relief, he has found shelter nearby.

Since Guinea fowl are roosting birds, we’re guessing that Ghedi (“GEHD-ee”) found some evergreen trees in the local woods that provide him with a protected place to stay while waiting out gusty winds and swirling snow. We had learned from friends and a little research that Guinea fowl can survive outdoors 24/7 in frigid temperatures, even when it snows. A friend who lives in Maine told us that Guineas are kept outdoors on his island year-round, so we were optimistic that Ghedi would be okay this winter.

But when he disappeared for several days after the blizzard, we worried that the storm proved to be too much for him. On December 31st, he showed up, strutting and squawking as though he had simply been away on a holiday trip. A good omen for the New Year, I thought.

Before the blizzard, Ghedi could still be seen strolling around the neighborhood, where he follows a predictable route every day. His world consists of a chunk of my subdivision roughly 800 yards long. Yet he seems perfectly content on his chosen turf as he wanders about and pecks the ground for the seeds, worms and insects that keep him nourished.

Helping to keep Ghedi fat and happy has become a neighborhood project. Several of us leave piles of birdseed on our walkways and other spots that the bird can easily access. After noticing that Ghedi still managed to find edible critters in areas where the snow had melted away, we shoveled snow off a section of our front lawn to create a bug buffet for him.

The little guy clearly doesn’t like snow — he flies over it or walks on the street to traverse from one driveway or walkway to the next. But tracks around our home show that he has learned to navigate the slush when necessary.

So right now, it looks like we can make plans to celebrate the first anniversary of Ghedi’s arrival this spring. Hmm…wonder where I can order a fancy birdseed cake?

Dining in December, when the living was easy

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  1. AlexisM. permalink
    January 18, 2011 5:03 pm

    Welcome back, Ghedi!

    It’s good news to hear he’s doing well.

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